Who is it for?

We understand the needs of your medical practice. iEMR can be for you. We mainly have experience in these categories

  • Clinics with 3 or more physicians

    • iEMR is designed to serve clinics with 3 or more physicians; thus allowing them to effectively manage their electronic records and work together seamlessly.
  • Clinics with multiple specialties

    • iEMR is designed to serve clinics with multiple specialties: it enhances patients' experience and facilitates office management's needs.
    • It integrates scheduling, billing, medical records, as well as other practice management features into one system.
  • Physicians who work in multiple locations

    • iEMR is designed to serve physicians who work in multiple clinics and need their patient information available in multiple locations.
    • That way, the patient's information is no longer linked to a geographic location.
  • Hospitals

    • iEMR, due to the fact that it is implemented as a web application, can be scaled to serve a hospital of any size: Web-based applications are built intrinsically for scale, while maintaining safe and secure segregation of data. An analogy can be made to email: when you use Google mail, you only see your own mailbox (and no one else’s); in addition, you can access your mailbox even if several million other users are using the system simultaneously.

Our Features

  • Many people spend a lot of time worrying about their job, to a point that they no more have the time to enjoy it.

    • iEMR is a full electronic medical records solution designed for medical professionals by medical professionals.
    • We understand the needs of your medical practice. We worked with medical staff to provide a solution which is flexible, comprehensive, efficient, and intuitive.
    • iEMR helps medical organizations store information about its patients, in an accurate and secure manner. It also preserves the integrity of patients’ medical records.
    • iEMR is fully web based: it can either be hosted on our secure servers, or on your organization’s servers, or even be redundant on both.
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