Medical Benefits

  • iEMR allows the creation of custom-forms to match the needs of different medical practices.
    A picture is worth a thousand words: iEMR integrates images both from external medical imaging devices, and also from physician-annotated free-drawings.
  • Scheduling appointments should not be a cumbersome task. iEMR displays a calendar of existing appointments and tasks, giving staff more control over scheduling; which in turn leads to better time management, better patient service, and enhanced use of resources. Displaying appointments of multiple physicians simultaneously will prevent overlapping the use of the clinic’s resources. The system provides charts and tools displaying a snapshot showing today’s activities.
  • To better administer the workload of the clinic, the application shows patient distribution allowing better work-distribution.
    It also shows the patients’ and resources’ current status and the rest of the day’s activities.
    iEMR provides an internal messaging system to facilitate and improve communication between different staff members. In addition, iEMR provides a billing and financial auditing system to record all transactions and to generate financial reports. We also can integrate the program with the existing accounting system where needed.
  • iEMR provides high level visibility for various activities with features to manage a medical practice profitably.
    It is loaded with a set of standard reports. iEMR has reports to cover the entire spectrum of your practice.


  • We offer a free, no-obligation, demo

    We offer an online demo. We can customize it to meet your needs.

Benefits for different parties

  • For the welcome desk staff

    • No need to fetch files from filing room
    • Faster check-in and processing
    • Less clutter and lag time for the patient
    • Easier and more fluent communication between physician and front desk (prescriptions, appointments, payments, ...)
  • For the nurse/technician

    • Faster documentation of examination findings
    • More organized work
    • Enhanced data clarity
    • Ability to be held accountable
  • For the physician

    • Information available upon request
    • Transparency: see which paramedical technician did the exam
    • Searchable information (find similar patients, find particular signs in that patient's files...)
    • Faster chart review and less error
    • Improved communication between physician and front desk (prescription, appointment, payment, ...)
  • For the patient

    • Less waiting time
    • Ease of information availability
    • More technological look
    • Decreased rate of error and faster access to information
  • For the shareholders

    • More technological look
    • Automatic information backup
    • Gain of physical space (filing room can be reused)
    • Ability to see summaries of data and perform statistics
    • Eco-friendly: less need to printout files and results
    • Cost effective: printers, toner, paper, files, pens, storage room, scribe, ...
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